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Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an insightful presentation about Business Surrey, a dynamic platform created by Surrey County Council. The initiative aims to foster stronger connections with businesses in Surrey by providing comprehensive support across various domains essential for business growth and sustainability.

Comprehensive Business Support

Business Surrey offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of local businesses. Here’s a snapshot of the key areas where the platform provides support:

  1. Obtaining and Managing Finance: Guidance on securing funding and managing financial resources effectively.
  2. Talent, Recruitment, and Apprenticeships: Assistance in finding the right talent, including apprenticeships and recruitment strategies.
  3. Marketing, Promotion, and Sales: Strategies to enhance marketing efforts and drive sales growth.
  4. Starting a Business: Resources and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  5. Sustainability and Net Zero: Support in adopting sustainable practices and achieving net-zero targets.
  6. Decarbonisation Loan Programmes: Financial assistance for projects aimed at reducing carbon footprints.
  7. Innovation and Technology: Encouraging the adoption of innovative technologies to stay competitive.
  8. Leadership, Management, and Transformation: Training and support for leadership and organizational transformation.
  9. Export and Import: Guidance on navigating the complexities of international trade.
  10. Legal and Regulatory Support: Assistance in understanding and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
  11. Integrating or Adapting to New Technologies: Support in embracing new technological advancements.
  12. Developing an Online Presence/E-Commerce: Helping businesses establish a robust online presence.
  13. Acquiring New Customers and Expanding to New Markets: Strategies to grow the customer base and enter new markets.
  14. Surrey Fire & Rescue and Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations: Ensuring compliance with safety and consumer protection standards.

Surrey Careers Hub

One of the standout features of the Business Surrey platform is the Surrey Careers Hub. This hub facilitates connections between businesses and the future workforce of Surrey. Businesses can get involved in two significant ways:

  • Enterprise Advisers: Engage at a strategic level to influence career guidance and workforce development.
  • Industrial Champions: Participate at an operational level, offering practical insights and opportunities to students.

Businesses interested in contributing to the Surrey Careers Hub can reach out via email at

Upcoming Event: Surrey Festival of Skills

On October 15th, Surrey County Council is organizing the Surrey Festival of Skills. This interactive event is designed to expose students to a variety of industries, provide insights into higher education pathways, and offer information about apprenticeships. Businesses looking to participate in this event can contact or visit Surrey Festival of Skills for more information.

Stay Informed and Connected

The Business Surrey platform also features a news section and a calendar of events that businesses can benefit from. It includes valuable information about available grants and funding opportunities. To stay updated, businesses are encouraged to sign up for the Business Surrey newsletter.


In conclusion, the Business Surrey platform is a robust resource designed to support the growth and sustainability of businesses in Surrey. From financial guidance to talent acquisition, and from sustainability initiatives to legal support, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of services. I highly recommend exploring Business Surrey for valuable insights and opportunities to enhance your business operations.

Best regards,


Joana Santos

BID Manager

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