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In the animal kingdom Sir Lawrence the Lion is being crowned King. Visit his friends in your area and see what they give him to wear for the coronation – they’re not all very sensible! Then try them on yourself, complete mini-challenges and take selfies. Finally, meet the King in AR and download a free children’s ebook of the story.

How Does it Work?

The trail works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything. The trail consists of 10 story-points with embedded QR codes.

How to Play:

1. Click this link or scan the QR code at one of 10 participating local businesses (you’ll see a poster in their window!)

2. Read the introduction and see your local map.

3. Visit all 10 and scan the QR codes.

4. Once you’ve visited all of the stops, meet the king in AR, take a prize badge selfie and download the free ebook.

Start Date
Mon 24th Apr 2023
Start Time
End Date
Sun 21st May 2023
End Time
Staines, UK
The King's Wardrobe story trail

Staines, UK

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