Making Staines a safer town, day and night

The overall vision is to make Staines-Upon-Thames a safe and secure environment in which to work, visit, shop and stay.

Our Objectives

  • The prevention and detection of crime.
  • To reduce the opportunity to commit crime.
  • The apprehension or prosecution of offenders.
  • To reduce retail crime losses for members.
  • To strengthen partnerships with the police, local authority and others.
  • To play an integral part of the local community safety strategy.
  • To gather, collate, process, exchange and manage all information relating to retail crime.

To achieve these the BID has invested heavily in 3 schemes: Staisafe Radio, DISC and BID Rangers

Contact for Staisafe and DISC

Tim Kita07850 918024

Staisafe Radio

Staines-Upon-Thames Town Centre is covered by a radio network called “Staisafe”. A significant number of shops and restaurants have a radio, which enables them to share information and intelligence with each other and the 3 Control Rooms- situated at the Elmsleigh and Two Rivers shopping Centres and Runneymede Council’s CCTV Centre – and provide reassurance to shop staff.

Designed to help reduce shop-lifting, anti-social behaviour, crime and disorder, reassure lone workers and provide emergency contact, the system benefits from and coordinates with the CCTV systems in the 2 shopping Centres and with the Runneymede Control Centre.

The scheme was originally initiated and run by the Borough Council, but since July 2017 has been operated by the Business Improvement District (BID), also known as Visit Staines. It includes over 60 premises and continues to grow.

The Scheme is actively promoted to both BID and non-BID Members, with Members enjoying discounted Rental Terms currently £250 pa.


This system is an app-based information system, known as DISC, designed to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the Staines -Upon-Thames BID area. It has been made available to all BID members free of charge. The Police, the 2 Rivers and Elmsleigh Town Centre management Centres are key Members.

The system allows Members to:

  • Securely and safely share information directly, quickly and conveniently;
  • Enforce and manage Banning Orders;
  • Enable Members to identify and deter offenders;
  • Analyse patterns of loss;
  • Share security and safety news.

Key Features

Offender Management

*Helps manage local offenders and ID -sought images; links incidents to offenders and multiple offenders;
*Generates analysis of offender and incident data.

Incident Management

*Enables incident reports to be submitted from app or website and quickly processes received incident reports.

Exclusion Management

*Supports Banning Schemes and manages expiry dates.

Data Protection

*The system is fully compliant with the DPA Act 2018 and GDPR 2018.
*It has a built-in data processing agreement linked to key must read documents to protect Members and ensure awareness of data protection responsibilities.

Engagement Tools

*Generates automated e newsletters and alerts.


2 Rangers are deployed across the whole town centre BID area and work alongside other town security staff and Police. They work 11.00-7.00 at weekends and throughout public and school holidays.

They have Staisafe Radios and use DISC. They are friendly, highly visible and have a good knowledge of the town centre, local businesses and activities.


We want to secure national accreditation for our security schemes and are currently applying for this. This will further recognise the quality of our schemes, compliance with industry standards, particularly data protection safeguards and improve the perception of our town as a safe place to visit and work in.


In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, both our Radio and DISC systems feature key documents that set out requirements on us and our Users/Members.